Brand Technology

Hot Stamping(Bronzing)
Hot Stamping is to use heat and press to transfer foil onto the paper's surface,its result is to make business logo looking shiny and stunning. There are many foil color to choose.
hot stamped
Silver Hot Stamped
Blue Hot Stamped
Yellow Golden
Red Hot Stamped

Embossing is the procedure by which the paper surface is pushed forward using an embossing die to cause a raised image. Usually Embossing process is used together with hot stamping and uv spot varnish
embossed logo
effect of embossing for Logo/Brand
on the embossing pattern Paper

UV spot varnish is commonly finishes process that use uv ink to make the definite area shiny by plate, With uv spot varnish,packaging bag or box look more wonderful to attract customer's attention.

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