Custom Normal Folding Paper Box

Choice Style
dimensions are given as length (L), width (W), depth (D). The first two dimensions (length, width) always measure the opening and the third dimension is the depth or height.

A. Roll End Tuck Top

+ Excellent display box
+ Front tucks inside box
+ Top-loading, sturdy solid bottom
+ Hand assembly required
+ Sides roll over & lock on inside forming a strong, double wall
+ Tucks can have friction fit or slit locks for more secure closure

B.Simplex Style Tray

+ Can be used as a single tray or as a two-piece carton
+ Glued rollover sidewalls for rigidity
+ Most aesthetically pleasing & durable of all the trays
+ Assembled by the user by folding the end wall panels in

C.Simplex Style Tray

+ Well suited for products requiring a large window in the front panel display
+ End opening box glued on one side
+ Very common retail box that displays well
+ Easy to assemble
+ Quick loading, compact storage
+ Can have friction fit or slit locks for more secure closure

D.Five-Panel Tuck

+ Use for small, light products
+ Ideal point of purchase display
+ Can be displayed anywhere when attached to clip strips or placed on hooks
+ Can have friction fit or slit locks for more secure closure

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Choice ArtWork
An example package layout


All colors must be converted to CMYK (four color process printing). Pantone spot colors from the "Pantone Formula Guide SOLID COATED" may also be used.

Picture Quality

Images need to be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). This gives good, crisp graphics¡ªanything less shows poor picture quality. Do not take images from the internet! Linked images should be embedded in the file or included when uploading.

Description: Custom Folding Paper Boxes for Apparel,Clothing
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1) Material:Paper card, ivory card-board, white board of gray or thick Cardboard+Artpaper
bottom, complex paper of environment protection, Kraft paper, special type paper
2) Size:According to clients' specific requirements.
3) Printing techniques: offset printing, screen printing, copperplate printing,Pantone/4 colors (CMYK) process.s
4) Surface disposal: :Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination, Varnish, part glaze, bronzing, impress, emboss
5) Design: supply and perfect designs according to customers' requirements
6) Folding and Could be Flat-packed when Delivery

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