Pantone Color Chart

PMS Color Matching Disclaimer: The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a system shared world wide by the graphic arts industry and was created to make a uniform standard for spot colors. You may view this screen to help specify a certain PMS number to use with your job, however you should note that every computer monitor varies slightly in color. To insure an accurate PMS match, you should consult an actual PMS color swatch book.

Also note, there can be very drastic differences in color when you choose a PMS color and then print the job as four-color process. It is highly recommended that if you are going to print four-color, and you have chosen a Pantone color to match, that you have a PMS book that shows a four-color swatch next to the PMS color so you will be aware of possible color shifts.

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Pantone TPX/TCX - 1 - 2

Page TPX/TCX Color Color Name
1TPX 11-0103TPX   Egret
1TPX 11-0601TPX   Bright White
1TPX 11-0602TPX   Snow White
1TPX 11-0604TPX   Gardenia
1TPX 11-4201TPX   Cloud Dancer
1TPX 11-4300TPX   Marshmallow
1TPX 11-4800TPX   Blanc de Blanc
2TPX 11-0606TPX   Pristine
2TPX 11-0701TPX   Whisper White
2TPX 12-0104TPX   White Asparagus
2TPX 12-0105TPX   Bone White
2TPX 12-5202TPX   Turtledove
2TPX 13-0905TPX   Birch
2TPX 13-4403TPX   Silver Birch
3TPX 11-0104TPX   Vanilla Ice
3TPX 11-0105TPX   Antique White
3TPX 11-0107TPX   Papyrus
3TPX 11-0507TPX   Winter White
3TPX 12-0605TPX   Angora
3TPX 12-0703TPX   Seedpearl
3TPX 12-0804TPX   Cloud Cream
4TPX 12-0712TPX   Vanilla
4TPX 12-0713TPX   Almond Oil
4TPX 12-0806TPX   Rutabaga
4TPX 12-0812TPX   Alabaster Gleam
4TPX 12-0815TPX   Vanilla Custard
4TPX 13-0815TPX   Banana Crepe
4TPX 13-0917TPX   Italian Straw
5TPX 12-0000TPX   White Swan
5TPX 12-0304TPX   Whitecap Gray
5TPX 12-1403TPX   Tapioca
5TPX 13-0607TPX   Fog
5TPX 13-0907TPX   Sandshell
5TPX 13-0908TPX   Parchment
5TPX 13-1006TPX   Creme Brulee
6TPX 11-0809TPX   Ecru
6TPX 11-0907TPX   Pearled Ivory
6TPX 11-1404TPX   Powder Puff
6TPX 12-0704TPX   White Smoke
6TPX 12-0710TPX   Navajo
6TPX 12-1106TPX   Sheer Pink
6TPX 12-1108TPX   Dew
7TPX 11-0603TPX   Pastel Parchment
7TPX 11-1005TPX   Bridal Blush
7TPX 11-1305TPX   Angel Wing
7TPX 11-1306TPX   Cream Pink
7TPX 11-2309TPX   Petal Pink
7TPX 11-2409TPX   Delicacy
7TPX 12-2103TPX   Almost Mauve
8TPX 11-4202TPX   Star White
8TPX 11-4301TPX   Lily White
8TPX 11-4802TPX   Summer Shower
8TPX 11-4803TPX   Ice
8TPX 12-4302TPX   Vaporous Gray
8TPX 12-5201TPX   Icicle
8TPX 12-6207TPX   Frost
9TPX 11-4303TPX   Mystic Blue
9TPX 11-4601TPX   Bit of Blue
9TPX 11-4804TPX   Lightest Sky
9TPX 11-4805TPX   Hint of Mint
9TPX 12-4304TPX   Bluewash
9TPX 12-4305TPX   Spa Blue
9TPX 12-5203TPX   Murmur
10TPX 11-4604TPX   Billowing Sail
10TPX 12-4306TPX   Barely Blue
10TPX 12-4705TPX   Blue Blush
10TPX 12-5303TPX   Sprout Green
10TPX 12-5403TPX   Blue Flower
10TPX 12-5508TPX   Hushed Green
10TPX 12-5603TPX   Zephyr Blue
11TPX 12-0714TPX   Cornhusk
11TPX 12-0817TPX   Apricot Gelato
11TPX 12-0910TPX   Lamb's Wool
11TPX 13-0814TPX   Summer Melon
11TPX 13-0916TPX   Chamomile
11TPX 13-1009TPX   Biscotti
11TPX 14-1119TPX   Winter Wheat
12TPX 12-0311TPX   Asparagus Green
12TPX 13-0611TPX   Moth
12TPX 13-0711TPX   Putty
12TPX 13-1007TPX   Oyster White
12TPX 14-1014TPX   Gravel
12TPX 14-1108TPX   Wood Ash
12TPX 15-1216TPX   Pale Khaki
13TPX 12-0404TPX   Light Gray
13TPX 12-6204TPX   Silver Green
13TPX 14-0105TPX   Overcast
13TPX 14-0210TPX   Tidal Foam
13TPX 14-6305TPX   Pelican
13TPX 14-6308TPX   Alfalfa
13TPX 15-6307TPX   Agate Gray
14TPX 14-0108TPX   Castle Wall
14TPX 14-0708TPX   Cement
14TPX 14-1107TPX   Oyster Gray
14TPX 15-0309TPX   Spray Green
14TPX 15-0513TPX   Eucalyptus
14TPX 16-1108TPX   Twill
14TPX 16-1110TPX   Olive Gray
15TPX 17-0610TPX   Laurel Oak
15TPX 17-1009TPX   Dune
15TPX 17-1107TPX   Seneca Rock
15TPX 17-1109TPX   Chinchilla
15TPX 17-1113TPX   Coriander
15TPX 17-1118TPX   Lead Gray
15TPX 18-0617TPX   Covert Green
16TPX 15-1306TPX   Oxford Tan
16TPX 16-1105TPX   Plaza Taupe
16TPX 16-1106TPX   Tuffet
16TPX 17-0808TPX   Taupe Gray
16TPX 17-1310TPX   Timber Wolf
16TPX 17-1312TPX   Silver Mink
16TPX 17-1410TPX   Pine Bark
17TPX 14-0002TPX   Pumice Stone
17TPX 16-0906TPX   Simply Taupe
17TPX 16-1107TPX   Aluminum
17TPX 16-1407TPX   Cobblestone
17TPX 18-0513TPX   Bungee Cord
17TPX 18-1110TPX   Brindle
17TPX 18-1112TPX   Walnut
18TPX 13-0000TPX   Moonbeam
18TPX 13-0401TPX   Oatmeal
18TPX 13-0403TPX   Gray Morn
18TPX 13-5304TPX   Rainy Day
18TPX 14-1106TPX   Peyote
18TPX 15-1305TPX   Feather Gray
18TPX 16-0806TPX   Goat
19TPX 13-0002TPX   White Sand
19TPX 14-0000TPX   Silver Gray
19TPX 15-4503TPX   Chateau Gray
19TPX 16-1305TPX   String
19TPX 16-1406TPX   Atmosphere
19TPX 17-1210TPX   Moon Rock
19TPX 17-1212TPX   Fungi
20TPX 14-4500TPX   Moonstruck
20TPX 14-4501TPX   Silver Lining
20TPX 15-6304TPX   Pussywillow Gray
20TPX 16-0207TPX   London Fog
20TPX 17-0207TPX   Rock Ridge
20TPX 18-0510TPX   Castor Gray
20TPX 18-4105TPX   Moon Mist
21TPX 13-4303TPX   Dawn Blue
21TPX 14-4102TPX   Glacier Gray
21TPX 14-4103TPX   Gray Violet
21TPX 14-4201TPX   Lunar Rock
21TPX 14-4203TPX   Vapor Blue
21TPX 15-4101TPX   High-rise
21TPX 16-4702TPX   Limestone
22TPX 15-0000TPX   Dove
22TPX 15-4502TPX   Silver Cloud
22TPX 16-4402TPX   Drizzle
22TPX 16-5803TPX   Flint Gray
22TPX 17-0205TPX   Elephant Skin
22TPX 17-1500TPX   Steeple Gray
22TPX 17-1506TPX   Cinder
23TPX 14-4503TPX   Metal
23TPX 14-4804TPX   Blue Fox
23TPX 15-4003TPX   Storm Gray
23TPX 15-4702TPX   Puritan Gray
23TPX 15-4703TPX   Mirage Gray
23TPX 15-4704TPX   Pigeon
23TPX 16-5904TPX   Wrought Iron
24TPX 16-3801TPX   Opal Gray
24TPX 17-1501TPX   Wild Dove
24TPX 17-4402TPX   Neutral Gray
24TPX 18-0000TPX   Smoked Pearl
24TPX 18-0306TPX   Gunmetal
24TPX 18-0503TPX   Gargoyle
24TPX 18-5105TPX   Sedona Sage
25TPX 14-4002TPX   Wind Chime
25TPX 16-0000TPX   Paloma
25TPX 18-0201TPX   Castlerock
25TPX 18-0601TPX   Charcoal Gray
25TPX 18-4005TPX   Steel Gray
25TPX 18-5203TPX   Pewter
25TPX 19-3908TPX   Nine Iron
26TPX 16-3802TPX   Ash
26TPX 17-0000TPX   Frost Gray
26TPX 17-1502TPX   Cloudburst
26TPX 18-0403TPX   Dark Gull Gray
26TPX 18-3905TPX   Excalibur
26TPX 19-3903TPX   Shale
26TPX 19-3905TPX   Rabbit
27TPX 17-0909TPX   Fossil
27TPX 18-0615TPX   Stone Gray
27TPX 18-0820TPX   Capers
27TPX 19-0618TPX   Beech
27TPX 19-0809TPX   Chocolate Chip
27TPX 19-0810TPX   Major Brown
27TPX 19-0820TPX   Canteen
28TPX 19-0405TPX   Beluga
28TPX 19-0506TPX   Black Ink
28TPX 19-0508TPX   Peat
28TPX 19-0608TPX   Black Olive
28TPX 19-0614TPX   Wren
28TPX 19-0822TPX   Tarmac
28TPX 19-5708TPX   Jet Set
29TPX 18-1306TPX   Iron
29TPX 19-0000TPX   Raven
29TPX 19-0812TPX   Turkish Coffee
29TPX 19-1101TPX   After Dark
29TPX 19-1102TPX   Licorice
29TPX 19-1111TPX   Black Coffee
29TPX 19-3803TPX   Plum Kitten
30TPX 19-0303TPX   Jet Black
30TPX 19-4005TPX   Stretch Limo
30TPX 19-4006TPX   Caviar
30TPX 19-4007TPX   Anthracite
30TPX 19-4203TPX   Moonless Night
30TPX 19-4205TPX   Phantom
30TPX 19-4305TPX   Pirate Black
31TPX 12-0811TPX   Dawn
31TPX 12-0813TPX   Autumn Blonde
31TPX 12-1009TPX   Vanilla Cream
31TPX 13-1010TPX   Gray Sand
31TPX 13-1014TPX   Mellow Buff
31TPX 14-1120TPX   Apricot Illusion
31TPX 14-1122TPX   Sheepskin
32TPX 14-1116TPX   Almond Buff
32TPX 14-1118TPX   Beige
32TPX 15-1220TPX   Latte
32TPX 15-1225TPX   Sand
32TPX 16-1333TPX   Doe
32TPX 16-1334TPX   Tan
32TPX 17-1328TPX   Indian Tan
33TPX 15-1116TPX   Safari
33TPX 15-1213TPX   Candied Ginger
33TPX 15-1214TPX   Warm Sand
33TPX 15-1314TPX   Cuban Sand
33TPX 16-1212TPX   Nomad
33TPX 16-1310TPX   Natural
33TPX 16-1320TPX   Nougat
34TPX 13-0513TPX   Frozen Dew
34TPX 13-1008TPX   Bleached Sand
34TPX 14-1112TPX   Pebble
34TPX 16-0924TPX   Croissant
34TPX 16-1010TPX   Incense
34TPX 16-1315TPX   Cornstalk
34TPX 17-1320TPX   Tannin
35TPX 14-0615TPX   Green Haze
35TPX 15-1119TPX   Taos Taupe
35TPX 15-1217TPX   Mojave Desert
35TPX 16-1324TPX   Lark
35TPX 17-0935TPX   Dull Gold
35TPX 17-1022TPX   Kelp
35TPX 17-1028TPX   Antique Bronze
36TPX 17-1044TPX   Chipmunk
36TPX 17-1134TPX   Brown Sugar
36TPX 17-1327TPX   Tobacco Brown
36TPX 18-1027TPX   Bison
36TPX 18-1031TPX   Toffee
36TPX 18-1033TPX   Dachshund
36TPX 18-1048TPX   Monk's Robe
37TPX 18-1124TPX   Partridge
37TPX 18-1130TPX   Aztec
37TPX 18-1222TPX   Cocoa Brown
37TPX 19-1121TPX   Pinecone
37TPX 19-1217TPX   Mustang
37TPX 19-1218TPX   Potting Soil
37TPX 19-1230TPX   Friar Brown
38TPX 18-0920TPX   Kangaroo
38TPX 18-0928TPX   Sepia
38TPX 18-0930TPX   Coffee Liqueur
38TPX 18-1018TPX   Otter
38TPX 18-1022TPX   Ermine
38TPX 19-0617TPX   Teak
38TPX 19-0815TPX   Desert Palm
39TPX 18-1015TPX   Shitake
39TPX 18-1016TPX   Cub
39TPX 19-0712TPX   Demitasse
39TPX 19-0814TPX   Slate Black
39TPX 19-0912TPX   Chocolate Brown
39TPX 19-1020TPX   Dark Earth
39TPX 19-1116TPX   Carafe
40TPX 18-1312TPX   Deep Taupe
40TPX 19-0915TPX   Coffee Bean
40TPX 19-1015TPX   Bracken
40TPX 19-1016TPX   Java
40TPX 19-1118TPX   Chestnut
40TPX 19-1213TPX   Shopping Bag
40TPX 19-1314TPX   Seal Brown


Page TPX/TCX Color Color Name
41TPX 12-0807TPX   Sun Kiss
41TPX 12-1005TPX   Novelle Peach
41TPX 12-1006TPX   Mother of Pearl
41TPX 12-1007TPX   Pastel Rose Tan
41TPX 13-1011TPX   Ivory Cream
41TPX 13-1013TPX   Appleblossom
41TPX 14-1210TPX   Shifting Sand
42TPX 12-0601TPX   Eggnog
42TPX 13-1106TPX   Sand Dollar
42TPX 13-1108TPX   Cream Tan
42TPX 14-1209TPX   Smoke Gray
42TPX 15-1215TPX   Sesame
42TPX 15-1308TPX   Doeskin
42TPX 16-1210TPX   Light Taupe
43TPX 16-1318TPX   Warm Taupe
43TPX 16-1412TPX   Stucco
43TPX 16-1414TPX   Chanterelle
43TPX 16-1415TPX   Almondine
43TPX 17-1319TPX   Amphora
43TPX 17-1321TPX   Woodsmoke
43TPX 17-1418TPX   Ginger Snap
44TPX 14-1212TPX   Frappe
44TPX 15-1309TPX   Moonlight
44TPX 15-1315TPX   Rugby Tan
44TPX 16-1221TPX   Roebuck
44TPX 17-1223TPX   Praline
44TPX 17-1322TPX   Burro
44TPX 17-1417TPX   Beaver Fur
45TPX 14-1213TPX   Toasted Almond
45TPX 16-1323TPX   Macaroon
45TPX 16-1327TPX   Toasted Nut
45TPX 16-1331TPX   Toast
45TPX 17-1224TPX   Camel
45TPX 17-1225TPX   Tawny Birch
45TPX 17-1226TPX   Tawny Brown
46TPX 12-0911TPX   Nude
46TPX 12-0912TPX   Tender Peach
46TPX 12-0913TPX   Alesan
46TPX 12-0915TPX   Pale Peach
46TPX 12-1011TPX   Peach Puree
46TPX 13-1114TPX   Bellini
46TPX 14-1217TPX   Amberlight
47TPX 12-1008TPX   Linen
47TPX 12-1010TPX   Scallop Shell
47TPX 12-1107TPX   Pink Champagne
47TPX 12-1206TPX   Silver Peony
47TPX 12-1209TPX   Soft Pink
47TPX 13-1404TPX   Pale Dogwood
47TPX 14-1307TPX   Rose Dust
48TPX 12-1404TPX   Pink Tint
48TPX 13-1107TPX   Whisper Pink
48TPX 13-1405TPX   Shell
48TPX 14-1311TPX   Evening Sand
48TPX 15-1317TPX   Sirocco
48TPX 16-1317TPX   Brush
48TPX 17-1227TPX   Cafe au Lait
49TPX 14-1310TPX   Cameo Rose
49TPX 14-1312TPX   Pale Blush
49TPX 14-1313TPX   Rose Cloud
49TPX 14-1314TPX   Spanish Villa
49TPX 15-1316TPX   Maple Sugar
49TPX 16-1219TPX   Tuscany
49TPX 16-1422TPX   Cork
50TPX 13-1109TPX   Bisque
50TPX 14-1220TPX   Peach Nougat
50TPX 15-1318TPX   Pink Sand
50TPX 15-1319TPX   Almost Apricot
50TPX 15-1322TPX   Dusty Coral
50TPX 15-1327TPX   Peach Bloom
50TPX 16-1220TPX   Cafe Creme
51TPX 16-1235TPX   Sandstorm
51TPX 16-1336TPX   Biscuit
51TPX 16-1341TPX   Butterum
51TPX 16-1432TPX   Almond
51TPX 17-1137TPX   Cashew
51TPX 17-1330TPX   Lion
51TPX 18-1030TPX   Thrush
52TPX 17-1143TPX   Hazel
52TPX 17-1230TPX   Mocha Mousse
52TPX 17-1336TPX   Bran
52TPX 17-1340TPX   Adobe
52TPX 17-1430TPX   Pecan Brown
52TPX 18-1142TPX   Leather Brown
52TPX 18-1154TPX   Glazed Ginger
53TPX 16-1328TPX   Sandstone
53TPX 16-1439TPX   Caramel
53TPX 17-1147TPX   Amber Brown
53TPX 18-1140TPX   Mocha Bisque
53TPX 18-1239TPX   Sierra
53TPX 18-1244TPX   Ginger Bread
53TPX 19-1241TPX   Tortoise Shell
54TPX 16-1332TPX   Pheasant
54TPX 16-1429TPX   Sunburn
54TPX 17-1347TPX   Autumn Leaf
54TPX 17-1436TPX   Raw Sienna
54TPX 18-1248TPX   Rust
54TPX 18-1250TPX   Bombay Brown
54TPX 18-1450TPX   Mecca Orange
55TPX 13-1012TPX   Frosted Almond
55TPX 14-1012TPX   Champagne Beige
55TPX 14-5002TPX   Silver
55TPX 15-0927TPX   Pale Gold
55TPX 16-0836TPX   Rich Gold
55TPX 16-1325TPX   Copper
55TPX 18-1537TPX   Copper Coin
56TPX 17-1422TPX   Raw Umber
56TPX 18-1137TPX   Rawhide
56TPX 18-1229TPX   Carob Brown
56TPX 18-1235TPX   Russet
56TPX 18-1314TPX   Acorn
56TPX 18-1320TPX   Clove
56TPX 18-1321TPX   Brownie
57TPX 18-1230TPX   Coconut Shell
57TPX 18-1238TPX   Rustic Brown
57TPX 18-1242TPX   Brown Patina
57TPX 18-1336TPX   Copper Brown
57TPX 18-1433TPX   Chutney
57TPX 18-1441TPX   Baked Clay
57TPX 19-1333TPX   Sequoia
58TPX 19-1220TPX   Cappuccino
58TPX 19-1228TPX   Root Beer
58TPX 19-1235TPX   Brunette
58TPX 19-1320TPX   Sable
58TPX 19-1430TPX   Mink
58TPX 19-1431TPX   Fudgesickle
58TPX 19-1436TPX   Cinnamon
59TPX 18-1326TPX   Nutmeg
59TPX 18-1421TPX   Cognac
59TPX 19-1012TPX   French Roast
59TPX 19-1317TPX   Bitter Chocolate
59TPX 19-1321TPX   Rum Raisin
59TPX 19-1322TPX   Brown Stone
59TPX 19-1420TPX   Deep Mahogany
60TPX 18-1425TPX   Mahogany
60TPX 19-1245TPX   Arabian Spice
60TPX 19-1325TPX   Hot Chocolate
60TPX 19-1327TPX   Andorra
60TPX 19-1331TPX   Madder Brown
60TPX 19-1334TPX   Henna
60TPX 19-1338TPX   Russet Brown
61TPX 11-0510TPX   Afterglow
61TPX 11-0617TPX   Transparent Yellow
61TPX 12-0715TPX   Double Cream
61TPX 13-0822TPX   Sunlight
61TPX 13-0922TPX   Straw
61TPX 14-0935TPX   Jojoba
61TPX 14-1031TPX   Rattan
62TPX 12-0619TPX   Dusty Yellow
62TPX 13-0613TPX   Chino Green
62TPX 13-0715TPX   Sea Mist
62TPX 13-0915TPX   Reed Yellow
62TPX 14-0925TPX   Parsnip
62TPX 14-1110TPX   Boulder
62TPX 15-0719TPX   Silver Fern
63TPX 12-0626TPX   Lemon Grass
63TPX 13-0624TPX   Golden Mist
63TPX 13-0725TPX   Raffia
63TPX 14-0740TPX   Bamboo
63TPX 14-0826TPX   Pampas
63TPX 15-0643TPX   Cress Green
63TPX 16-0847TPX   Olive Oil
64TPX 13-0640TPX   Acacia
64TPX 14-0626TPX   Dried Moss
64TPX 14-0647TPX   Celery
64TPX 14-0755TPX   Sulphur
64TPX 15-0743TPX   Oil Yellow
64TPX 16-0742TPX   Green Sulphur
64TPX 17-0839TPX   Golden Palm
65TPX 14-0721TPX   Hemp
65TPX 14-1025TPX   Cocoon
65TPX 15-0636TPX   Golden Green
65TPX 15-0730TPX   Southern Moss
65TPX 15-0732TPX   Olivenite
65TPX 16-0730TPX   Antique Gold
65TPX 16-0737TPX   Burnished Gold
66TPX 11-0616TPX   Pastel Yellow
66TPX 11-0618TPX   Wax Yellow
66TPX 11-0620TPX   Elfin Yellow
66TPX 11-0710TPX   Tender Yellow
66TPX 12-0721TPX   Lemonade
66TPX 12-0722TPX   French Vanilla
66TPX 12-0740TPX   Limelight
67TPX 12-0633TPX   Canary Yellow
67TPX 12-0738TPX   Yellow Cream
67TPX 13-0632TPX   Endive
67TPX 13-0720TPX   Custard
67TPX 13-0739TPX   Cream Gold
67TPX 14-0636TPX   Muted Lime
67TPX 14-0827TPX   Dusky Citron
68TPX 12-0642TPX   Aurora
68TPX 12-0643TPX   Blazing Yellow
68TPX 12-0752TPX   Buttercup
68TPX 13-0648TPX   Green Sheen
68TPX 13-0746TPX   Maize
68TPX 13-0752TPX   Lemon
68TPX 14-0756TPX   Empire Yellow
69TPX 13-0758TPX   Dandelion
69TPX 13-0850TPX   Aspen Gold
69TPX 13-0858TPX   Vibrant Yellow
69TPX 13-0859TPX   Lemon Chrome
69TPX 14-0760TPX   Cyber Yellow
69TPX 14-0848TPX   Mimosa
69TPX 14-0852TPX   Freesia
70TPX 12-0720TPX   Mellow Yellow
70TPX 12-0727TPX   Sunshine
70TPX 12-0736TPX   Lemon Drop
70TPX 12-0824TPX   Pale Banana
70TPX 12-0825TPX   Popcorn
70TPX 13-0755TPX   Primrose Yellow
70TPX 14-0754TPX   Super Lemon
71TPX 14-0837TPX   Misted Yellow
71TPX 15-0751TPX   Lemon Curry
71TPX 15-0850TPX   Ceylon Yellow
71TPX 15-0942TPX   Sauterne
71TPX 16-0946TPX   Honey
71TPX 16-0953TPX   Tawny Olive
71TPX 16-0954TPX   Arrowwood
72TPX 15-0948TPX   Chinese Yellow
72TPX 15-0953TPX   Golden Yellow
72TPX 15-1132TPX   Fall Leaf
72TPX 16-0948TPX   Harvest Gold
72TPX 16-0952TPX   Nugget Gold
72TPX 16-1126TPX   Antelope
72TPX 16-1133TPX   Mustard Gold
73TPX 14-1036TPX   Ochre
73TPX 15-1046TPX   Mineral Yellow
73TPX 15-1142TPX   Honey Gold
73TPX 16-0945TPX   Tinsel
73TPX 16-0947TPX   Bright Gold
73TPX 16-0950TPX   Narcissus
73TPX 16-1139TPX   Amber Gold
74TPX 14-1113TPX   Marzipan
74TPX 16-0928TPX   Curry
74TPX 16-1326TPX   Prairie Sand
74TPX 17-1047TPX   Honey Mustard
74TPX 17-1129TPX   Wood Thrush
74TPX 18-0937TPX   Bronze Brown
74TPX 18-0940TPX   Golden Brown
75TPX 17-0942TPX   Medal Bronze
75TPX 17-1036TPX   Bistre
75TPX 17-1045TPX   Apple Cinnamon
75TPX 17-1125TPX   Dijon
75TPX 17-1128TPX   Bone Brown
75TPX 18-0939TPX   Cumin
75TPX 19-1034TPX   Breen
76TPX 13-0840TPX   Snapdragon
76TPX 13-0941TPX   Banana Cream
76TPX 14-0846TPX   Yolk Yellow
76TPX 14-0850TPX   Daffodil
76TPX 14-0951TPX   Golden Rod
76TPX 14-0957TPX   Spectra Yellow
76TPX 15-0955TPX   Old Gold
77TPX 12-0826TPX   Golden Haze
77TPX 13-0932TPX   Cornsilk
77TPX 13-0939TPX   Golden Cream
77TPX 13-0940TPX   Sunset Gold
77TPX 14-0847TPX   Buff Yellow
77TPX 14-0936TPX   Sahara Sun
77TPX 14-1038TPX   New Wheat
78TPX 13-0935TPX   Flax
78TPX 13-0942TPX   Amber Yellow
78TPX 13-0945TPX   Pale Marigold
78TPX 13-1025TPX   Impala
78TPX 14-0941TPX   Beeswax
78TPX 14-1041TPX   Golden Apricot
78TPX 14-1045TPX   Amber
79TPX 13-0947TPX   Banana
79TPX 14-0955TPX   Citrus
79TPX 15-1049TPX   Artisan's Gold
79TPX 15-1050TPX   Golden Glow
79TPX 16-1054TPX   Sunflower
79TPX 18-0935TPX   Buckthorn Brown
79TPX 18-0950TPX   Cathay Spice
80TPX 16-0940TPX   Taffy
80TPX 16-1143TPX   Honey Yellow
80TPX 16-1144TPX   Oak Buff
80TPX 17-1040TPX   Spruce Yellow
80TPX 17-1048TPX   Inca Gold
80TPX 18-0933TPX   Rubber
80TPX 18-1160TPX   Sudan Brown

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